FitRec Zumba Goes Pink

This post comes from FitRec Zumba instructor Olga on one very special class this fall …

Cancer is often a very difficult topic to discuss. It is easy to forget about and ignore when it does not directly affect you. Many of us subconsciously have the mentality “I am fine. It is never going to happen to me.” Of course, all of us want to think this to be true, however, the sad reality is that many people are affected by cancer and many women are currently battling breast cancer.

I have had many people ask me, “How do I help? What can I do?” There are definitely an abundance of charities and organizations that you could raise money for and donate to. I highly encourage this, and not just during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I encourage this every day of the year. However, if money is a little tough, the easiest thing to do is to raise awareness. That is why, every year, especially during October, I either participate in or run a Breast Cancer Awareness event. I try my hardest to get out to a few throughout the year as well, but I definitely always do at least one during October.

This year, I was blessed to have an amazing group of women that danced with me during the Breast Cancer Awareness class that I did at FitRec. We did a Zumba Party in Pink to raise awareness of breast cancer. Though I have never been personally affected by breast cancer, there are some very amazing women in my life who have been. I always keep them in my mind, and that is why I try my best to really try to do multiple things throughout the year. I am so happy that I had my Zumba crew dancing with me this year in support of the cause. There is nothing better than being able to come together to support something so important, through dance.

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