Student Employment

The Student Employment Office maintains a Job Board and a Quickie Job Service to help Boston University students locate both on- and off-campus employment. To use either of these services, you must be currently enrolled in a degree program at Boston University.

The Student Employment Job Board lists hundreds of part-time positions in the Greater Boston area, divided by category. Pay can range from minimum wage to $20+ per hour.

Available positions cover a wide array of categories, including paid internships. No job posted on the Online Job Board requires a federal Work-Study award.

Students are responsible for contacting employers and setting up interviews.

Access the job board listings through the Student Link.

Questions concerning the use of the Job Board should be directed to the Student Employment Office at 617-353-3594 or

The Student Employment Quickie Job Service provides temporary and unique employment opportunities. These jobs allow students to work around their academic schedules and require only a short-term commitment.

Quickie Jobs range from party help or raking leaves to assisting in medical research or developing a website. New jobs are posted throughout the day and can be viewed on the Student Link or in person at the Student Employment Office. (You must obtain a password through Information Technology before you will be able to access the Student Link).

To be eligible to use the Quickie Job Service, a student must be enrolled in a degree program at Boston University and be currently registered or in the first semester of an official leave of absence. Entering freshmen and graduate students can use the service once an enrollment deposit has been paid, and they have registered for classes.

Students are required to sign a contract agreeing to the service’s regulations. They contact employers to apply for jobs and are paid directly by them.

To receive information on how to contact an employer and obtain a job referral form, a student must present his or her Boston University ID card at the Student Employment Office. Incoming students who do not yet have a Boston University ID card may use another photo ID for the Quickie Job Service.

Questions concerning the use of the Quickie Job Service should be directed to the Student Employment Office at 617-353-2890 or

Important: The Student Employment Office does not perform background checks on employers, nor does it endorse any employer. Students must use good judgment when making a decision about accepting a position.

Approximately 20,000 employers have listed jobs with SEO in the past and the office serves over 10,000 students each year.

More information about student employment services is available through the Student Employment Office.