Loan Repayment

Federal, state, and private education loans have different repayment plans and consolidation options. Use the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Student Debt Repayment Assistant which will guide you through your federal, state and private loan repayment options. For specific information about your loan program including contact information for your loan servicer, select from the list below:

Understand your Stafford Loan Repayment Plan options including standard, extended and graduated repayment plans, Income-Based Repayment (IBR), Income-Contingent Repayment (ICR), and Stafford Loan Consolidation.

Please note: Certain Stafford Loan repayment options vary depending on whether you borrowed your Stafford Loan through the Federal Direct Loan program or through the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program. Since 1994 Federal Stafford Loans offered at Boston University have been Federal Direct Loans. You may, however, owe on a FFEL Stafford Loan if you borrowed for enrollment at another college or university and they participated in the FFEL program.

Find your Stafford Loan Servicer at the National Student Loan Data System and contact your servicer help with repayment questions.

Understand your Perkins Loan Repayment options including teacher, employment, service and other cancellation benefits and deferment provisions.

BU Student Loan Accounting is your Perkins Loan servicer. Contact them for help with repayment questions.

Information about Massachusetts No Interest Loan Repayment at ECSI, the Massachusetts No Interest Loan Servicer
As a “zero percent interest” loan, consolidation of this loan with other education loans is not recommended as it would always result in higher interest charges for the student.

Contact ECSI, the Massachusetts No Interest Loan servicer at 888-549-3274 for help with repayment questions.

Refer to the documentation provided by your lender when you loan was approved for information about repayment terms and borrower benefits.

Carefully consider the pros and cons of consolidating federal student loans into a private consolidation loan before electing to consolidate, as this can often result in the loss of federal loan benefits.

Contact your private lender for help with repayment questions.

Federal Loans

Access your federal loan borrowing history at the National Student Loan Data System.

State Loans

Contact the Massachusetts No Interest Loan program at 617-391-6070. Contact other state loan programs via the higher education department of your state government.

Private Loans

Contact your private lender via the contact information provided when your loan was approved.