Freshmen: Getting Your Tentative Financial Aid Posted to Your Account

You must take certain action steps to get your financial aid award to post as a credit on your Student Account. Check the Student Link to see what specific documents are needed to finalize your financial aid offer:

If no documents or action steps are listed and you have been offered financial aid, it will be posted to your account.

Most freshmen financial aid awards are offered on a tentative basis, pending confirmation of income information reported on your financial aid application forms. That information is confirmed using income tax returns or other income verification documentation. The deadline to provide these documents is June 1.

If 2015 income tax returns are included in the list of required items on the Student Link, submit them through the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) portal. We recommend that you upload your documents using the IDOC Upload Wizard. Allow at least 10 business days for IDOC to process your documents. BU will use the date you uploaded your documents for deadline purposes.

  • If you have already submitted your tax return packet to IDOC at the request of another college, please do not submit a duplicate packet. BU will submit a request for your documents to the College Board and IDOC will simply forward the images to BU. You can confirm that BU has received your packet at the IDOC portal.
  • If the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not require you or your parents to file a 2015 tax return, please follow the instructions at the IDOC portal to provide verification (Non-Tax Filer Statement) of your non-filer status. All income verification forms will be electronically imaged and confidentially transmitted to BU Financial Assistance.
  • If you elected to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) when you completed your FAFSA:
    • BU will access student tax returns via the IRS DRT
    • BU will still require that you submit copies of your parents’ tax returns via IDOC

IRS Filing Extensions

  • If you and/or your parents have not yet filed 2015 income tax returns and have filed a request for an extension of the IRS tax filing deadline, please note the
    special BU policy regarding how the processing of your financial aid application will be impacted.

Non-U.S. Tax Returns

  • Please mail foreign income tax returns, if applicable, directly to BU Financial Assistance.

If a sibling enrollment verification form or any other documents are requested, please mail them directly to BU Financial Assistance.

When all requested information has been reviewed, your tentative award will be either “confirmed” or adjusted. If your eligibility is reduced as a result of this process, your award—scholarship/grant first—will be reduced.

Calculated financial eligibility can decrease sharply if an award offer is based on the expected college enrollment of other undergraduate children in the household and their enrollment, as reported, cannot be verified.

Important: Your award is not final until you receive notification of a confirmed or revised award.