Family Medicine Clerkship

Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine and BUMC Medline Plus/Ovid.

A brief overview of evidence based medicine. (Optional)

Complete this during Week 1. This interactive BUMC MEDLINE Plus/Ovid Tutorial is designed to show you step-by-step the basic components of a MEDLINE database search using the BUMC MEDLINE Plus/Ovid Web Gateway. This tutorial should take approximately 40 minutes to complete.

Complete this on Monday of Week 2 and work up to "Using Hedges or Filters". This Evidence Based Medicine tutorial will show you how to search for evidence in the primary medical literature, using the MEDLINE database on the BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID system. This tutorial assumes that you are already familiar with the basics of searching BUMC MEDLINE Plus/OVID.
Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine
Searching Medline on BUMC Medline Plus/Ovid
Searching for Evidence in the Primary Medical Literature