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Case 4: Mr. Watson
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HDS Storage and Dispensing
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Treatment, Counseling, and Discharge

Case 4: Mr. Watson

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Treatment, Counseling and Discharge

Talking to Bill about risks and benefits of his sports supplements


"Bill it is fine restart all your supplements."

Incorrect. You do not want Bill have another adverse event.

"Stop Peak Sports Performance, creatine, and melatonin."

Incorrect. Stopping all his supplements is not the answer as he is benefiting from the melatonin.

"There are pros and cons to taking supplements. For the Peak Sports Performance, I think the risk of using this powerful stimulant that caused you to have high blood pressure out weighs the benefits. I recommend you not use this product. Your melatonin, however, has been effective for you and you have not had any side effects so I it will be fine to continue to take this."

correctCorrect. A risk/benefit discussion can be a balanced approach.


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