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Family Medicine Interest Group

The FMIG was created by Boston University School of Medicine Students and the Department of Family Medicine in the late nineties with the purpose of increasing awareness and interest in Family Medicine, as well as helping anyone interested in pursuing a career in Family Medicine. All of our activities are open to non-member students so that we might educate all medical students about Family Medicine.

We offer a variety of events: seminars and conferences, dinners, workshops, and more – throughout the year that may interest students considering areas of medicine. Being involved with FMIG provides educational and informational opportunities not provided through the traditional medical school curriculum, to assist students seeking residencies in Family Medicine, helps to assist you with opportunities to attend state and national conventions, provides the opportunity to build relationships with Family Medicine faculty and create a unity between FMIG colleagues.
If you are a BUSM student and are interested in joining the BUSM Family Medicine Interest Group please contact one of your FMIG student Co-Leaders at or you may contact the Family Medicine Student Coordinator Florence Laforest ( FMIG is open to all BUSM students interested in learning about the specialty of Family Medicine. Also visit the BUSM FMIG Blog!*There are no dues.

Family Medicine Student Track (FaMeS) Program


MSE STUDFOUNFrom our Students:

“I was really glad that we learned parts of the physical exam in ICM, because another medical student…has only learned the neurological exam and was not able to perform any other parts of the physical…Thanks to ICM and FAMES I was able to do the whole physical exam except for the breast exam.” – Nora Bassiouni, BUSM ’09

“I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my interviewing skills and comfort with patients…my confidence and self-esteem around patients has really shot through the roof.” – Kira Long, BUSM ’10

Online FaMeS course link

The FaMeS program (Family Medicine Student Track) provides support and early clinical experience to students at the BU School of Medicine who are interested in primary care. These students have the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular experiences that promote learning and community service (some examples are below).

In addition to the extracurricular opportunities, FaMeS students have the advantage of integrating several different curricular requirements so that they can have the ongoing support of faculty in the Family Medicine department. Family Medicine faculty members teach courses in all four years of medical school, and the FaMeS track allows students to experience strong Family Medicine support alongside the excellent subspecialty teaching at BU. The Family Medicine department at BU is committed to mentoring and supporting its FaMeS students. Even if you’re not sure what field of medicine you’ll choose, the FaMeS track is a great way to get consistent, early exposure to primary care. Please click Application form to learn about signing up for FaMeS, or email for more information.

Apply to our program, please click Application Form.


  • Year 1: Placement with a family medicine faculty member for Integrated Problems (case-based learning) and Introduction to Clinical Medicine (physical diagnosis and interviewing).
  • Year 2: Placement with a family medicine faculty member for Integrated Problems and Introduction to Clinical Medicine.
  • Year 3: Preferred placement in health centers with family medicine faculty for the required third-year family medicine clerkship.
  • Year 4: Priority placement in family medicine subinternship, senior electives, and the Narrative Medicine elective.
  • All 4 years: Priority enrollment in Healer’s Art.


  • Physical diagnosis and procedure evening workshops to improve clinical skills
  • Social events with family medicine residents and faculty.
  • Attendance at regional and national Family Medicine conferences.
  • Opportunities for clinical shadowing of family medicine physicians on rounds, in their office, and on OB call.
  • Evening workshop on clerkship planning and applying to residencies.
  • Summer externship (after Year 1) – After completion of BUSM I you will have preference in applying to this summer program which allows you to choose a family medicine mentor/site, anywhere in the country, where you will gain a more intensive clinical experience in Family Medicine.


Vision Statement
Family Medicine Scholars is a group of BUSM students who share common interests in Family Medicine, academic research, community development and leadership.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to create an academic home where students have the opportunity to share new ideas about personal and professional development. We achieve this mission through academic and clinical activities which focus on competencies in 4 domain: Scholarly Activity, Leadership, Continuity of Clinical Activities and Mentorship. In doing so, we aim to graduate doctors who are well-rounded clinicians, leaders among the field of Family Medicine and strong community advocates who approach challenges in an effective and creative manner.