Faculty Promotion and Evaluation

During the 2014-2015 session of the Faculty Council,  we identified faculty issues and concerns across a number of domains. After many discussions about the standard of review and promotion for non-tenure track faculty that were initiated during Kathe Darr’s (Professor, School of Theology) tenure as the Chair.  Steve Brady, during his tenure as Chair of the Faculty Council, convened an ad hoc committee, led by J. Robb Dixon, to draft a memo to the Administration to ask for more clarity on this issue and to identify best practices. The President and Provost received this memo in late 2015.  J.Robb Dixon, current Chair of the Faculty Council, has continued this discussion with the leadership.  The University Council Committee on Faculty Policies is currently looking into this matter.

The Faculty Council Teaching Resources Committee, chaired by D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein (Associate Professor of Rhetoric, College of General Studies), wrote a memo to recommend a University-wide review of teaching evaluation processes. The President and Provost received this memo in spring 2015. We anticipate that the Provost will undertake a review of teaching evaluations.