Tuesday 04-13-2010

FC April 2010

Minutes of March Meeting: FC minutes 03-02-2010

Proposed Changes to Constitution, Part I

Strategic Plan: FC-Strategic-Plan-April-2010 Final

Draft Parental Leave Policy: http://www.bu.edu/apfd/work-life-resources/personal-life/

***This draft is a work in progress***.  The Council will discuss the draft policy at the April meeting.  Questions and comments can also be sent to Julie Sandell, Associate Provost for Faculty Development at jsandell@bu.edu

The Faculty Handbook has several leave policies.  This draft policy proposes to replace the existing Matenity Leave Policy.  To view the current leave policies in the Handbook, click here.

Proposed Degree Programs:

MSc Environmental Health

Stage I BA in Architectural Studies

MA Latin American Studies

Grad Cert in Asian Studies

BA/MA Neuroscience