Faculty Advisory Committee

The Faculty Advisory Committee provides confidential, neutral, and informal assistance to faculty who have concerns arising from or affecting their work at B.U. The Advisory Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Council of Boston University and consists entirely of members of the faculty.

We listen to people, offer information about policies and procedures, help people examine options for addressing concerns, accept suggestions and data from individuals who seek a confidential means for bringing an issue to the relevant people, and work towards responsible systems of change. When it is requested, and at the Advisory Committee’s discretion, we will engage in mediation.

All communication with a member of the Advisory Committee is confidential. We will not answer questions about people with whom we have spoken and will not divulge a name or an issue to anyone unless given permission to do so. The only exception to this confidentiality is where an Advisory Committee member concludes that there is a risk of serious harm. We do not keep permanent records of conversation with people who have sought our assistance.

The Advisory Committee is a good source of support for those on the BU faculty who want to explore and/or develop options for addressing a particular concern. We ordinarily do not deal with or attempt to resolve any matter covered under a B.U.-Union collective bargaining agreement or covered by the law.

To contact a member of the Advisory Committee, please email  Peter Szende, Chair, at pszende@bu.edu  and leave your name, contact information, and a time when you can be reached.

Membership 2011-2012

Peter Szende (SHA), Chair

Margaret Errante (GSDM)
Christopher Evans (STH)
Allyn Hubbard (ENG)
Shiela Kibbe-Hodgkins (CFA)
Barry Unger (MET)
Ann Zumwalt (MED)

Faculty Advisory Committee Members Only Page

Annual Report 2010-2011

* The committee met formally seven times during the academic year with additional business taking place via email.

* We provided on-going confidential, neutral, and informal assistance to faculty who had concerns arising from their work.

* We reviewed Perkins nominations and recommended three winners.

Respectfully submitted,


Committee members:


Margaret ERRANTE (SDM)



Peter SZENDE (SHA) – Chair



Annual Report 2008-2009

The FAC was involved in two complicated faculty grievances. We established an email address, “advisory@bu.edu,” so that concerned faculty might contact us anonymously, and had our committee description posted on the FC website.

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Fraser