E&I Annual Report 2010-2011

Membership 2010-2011

Stephanie Watts (SMG), Chair

Jeffrey Allen (SMG)
Yvette Cozier (SPH)
Aaron Garrett (CAS)
Ruth Paris (SSW)
Jo-Anna Rorie (SPH)
Kristine Strand (SAR)

Sub-committee on Equity and Inclusion:  Summary of work 2010-2011 Academic Year

Sub-committee members: Stephanie Watts (Chair), Jeff Allen, Yvette Collier, Aaron Garrett, Luz Lopez, Ruth Paris, Jo-Anna Rorie, Kristine Strand, and associate committee member Samantha Khosla.

This year we chose to focus our energies on the issue of the lack of BU faculty belonging to historically under-represented minorities (HUM).  We spent most of the year collecting data, primarily by talking with people.  We initially sought to design a survey that we would send out to HUM faculty, but soon found that there are too few of them for that approach.  Next we organized two dinners – the first for African American/Black faculty, and the second for Latina/o and Hispanic faculty (many thanks to Julie Sandell’s office and the Faculty Council for sponsoring them).  Harold Cox, Associate Dean of Public Health Services at the School of Public Health, volunteered to facilitate both of them (many thanks to him as well).  We listened and took notes, talked to other interested parties (e.g. Tim Hall and his student committee at SMG, Julian Go and Ruha Benjamin at CAS, Steve Burgay in Marketing and Communications, Associate Dean Julie Sandell, Dean Elmore, and Provost Morrison – many thanks to all) and ultimately put together a draft recommendation report and presented it to the Faculty Council in April.  We got lots of good feedback and decided we would need to do additional work on the report before it would be acceptable.  This version of the report was structured to make the business case for the need for a “Diversity Officer” or the equivalent for the Charles River campus.  We are in the process of revising it now, having subsequently heard President Brown’s views on the topic, and will present the new version to the Faculty Council in the Fall.

I would like to thank the committee members in particular for all their efforts on behalf of this project.