Communications Committee

The Faculty Council’s Communications Committee looks to enhance the image of the Faculty Council and improve its ability to communicate both internally and externally.

Toward that end, the Communications Committee works to raise awareness of the Faculty Council among Boston University faculty and encourage them to participate in the Faculty Council, look to it as a resource for information, and consider it the faculty’s voice in University governance.

Committee Members, 2010-2011

Fred Bayles (COM), Chair
Feng Wang (MED)
Aaron Worth (COM)

Annual Report, 2009-2010

Our new Strategic Plan calls for the Faculty Council to more proactively enhance our relationship with the Boston University faculty as a whole. Consequently, the Communication Committee and Executive Committee proposed initiating a periodic email newsletter to members of the Faculty Assembly (or possibly the full faculty).

The Faculty Council‘s reaction to the proposal was positive. Among the details:


  • To give the faculty a better overall sense of the mission and the impact of the Faculty Council
  • To inform faculty members of the issues before the Faculty Council and urge them to contribute their opinions, analysis, and ideas to the discussion
  • To publicize upcoming events of significance to the faculty
  • To direct faculty members’ attention to new and valuable content on the Faculty Council website


The newsletter would be distributed two or three times a year:

  • In early September to welcome the faculty back, inform them of the new committee makeup (and let them know that any member of the Faculty Assembly can serve on a Faculty Council committee), and urge them to bookmark the FC website
  • At midyear to update faculty on the activities of the Faculty Council and preview the upcoming semester
  • At year’s end to summarize the Faculty Council’s achievements and announce the Perkins Award winners (at least once, to see if it’s effective that time of year)

In addition, the Council would send out email alerts at other times if an issue of significance was imminent or under discussion.


To maximize the impact of the newsletter, Faculty Council members would seek effective ways of increasing awareness of the Council through personal communication and interaction at the School/College level. Those efforts might include: regular reports (written or verbal) to monthly faculty meetings, emails with FC website links to constituent faculties when major issues are being considered, and personal interaction with colleagues.

The Communication Committee plans to produce the first edition of the newsletter in late summer. The Committee welcomes reactions to this proposal as well as other ideas for achieving our objectives in this initiative.

Respectfully submitted,

John Carroll


Annual Report 2008-2009

During this school year, the Faculty Council’s Communications Committee has devoted its attention to coordinating the production a new website that will enhance the image of the Faculty Council and improve its ability to communicate both internally and externally.

Working in conjunction with Samantha Khosla, director of the Office of University Faculty Governance, the committee chair asked the Executive Committee for observations about the current website and suggestions for a revised version. They then met with Stephen Burgay and Pamela Sarian of BU Marketing & Communications to discuss the project.

Among the objectives/capabilities we established:

  • The site should increase faculty traffic to the site to encourage faculty participation in the Council and raise faculty knowledge of the Council’s activities
  • The site needs to be capable to running yearly elections for FC positions. Some of the voting is university-wide, and some of the voting is restricted to one school or college; does WordPress have a utility to run elections?
  • The site needs to have private “rooms” for the committees to upload and share confidential documents and to communicate with each other
  • The site should have a “community room” (faculty café?) for faculty to post announcements, comments, discuss issues, etc.
  • The site should encourage the BU faculty to:
    • pay attention to the Faculty Council
    • look for FC for direction
    • participate in FC
    • call the Council with questions and concerns
    • look to FC as a resource for information
    • hink of FC when they need an update on upcoming events and developments

Marketing & Communications submitted a proposal to the Faculty Council to create the new website for between $15,000 and $20,000. We are currently seeking alternatives more in line with our anticipated budget for this project.

Respectfully submitted,

John Carroll