Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Committee

Committee Members, 2010-2011

Bill Skocpol (CAS), Chair

Christel Antonellis (CELOP)
Charles DeLisi (ENG)
Terry Everson (CFA)
Tamar Frankel (LAW)
Moshe Hagigi (SMG)
Victor Kestenbaum (CAS)
Daniel LeClair (MET)
David Lyons (LAW)
Negar Nasseripour (GSDM)
Madeleine Kangsen Scammell (SPH)
Rathan Subramaniam (MED)

The committee will review the Non-tenure Track Task Force Report this year.  The report can be viewed online here: or download the pdf  NTTFaculty_TaskForce_Report.

Annual Report 2008-2009

APT committee members 2008-2009:
Christel Antonellis (CELOP); Lou Chitkushev (MET); Richard Cornell (CFA); Daniel LeClair (MET); Leonid Levin (CAS); Lev Levitin (ENG); Tanya Zlateva (MET), Chair

The APT committee worked with the Provost Task Force on Non-Tenure Track (NTT) Faculty on issues and concerns relating to the contract faculty at the Charles River campus. This is a continuation of the APT work on faculty career tracks from 2008-9 with the objectives to
• Examine issues and concerns relating to NTT faculty
• Study current policies and practices
• Reinforce and enhance the stature and productivity of NTT faculty
• Ensure clear career paths, appropriate recognition, support,and compensation

The APT reviewed the draft proposals of the NTT Task Force and commented on issues concerning
• Appointment and reappointment
• Contract length
• Career paths for NTT
• Promotion process
• Faculty development

The APT feedback and recommendations were taken into account by the NTT Task Force and will be reflected in the final report. A draft of the final report will be made available for discussion in Fall 2009.

The 2008-9 APT committee recommends that the newly elected APT conduct an in-depth review of the NTT Task Force report and make recommendations for additions to the Faculty Handbook and for the development of policies and procedures that will ensure recognition of the contribution of NTT faculty and a fair and transparent process of appointment and promotion.

Respectfully submitted,
Tanya Zlateva