Spring 2013 Election

The Faculty Assembly will elect a Vice-chair in Spring 2013.

The candidates for Vice-chair have been selected by the Nominating Committee of the Faculty Assembly.

The Vice-chair serves a four year term: one (1) year as Vice-Chair, two (2) years as Chair of Faculty Council, and one year (1) as Past-Chair.

Please read the candidates’s statements and click on the link at the bottom of the page to access the poll.

The poll will be open until midnight, Friday, May 17, 2013.  The results will be announced on the Faculty Council website and via broadcast email.

If you have trouble accessing the poll, please contact fafc@bu.edu during business hours before the poll closes.

Vice-chair Candidates

Stephen Brady, MED
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Graduate Medical Sciences
Program Director, Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine Program

I would be honored to be elected Chair of the Boston University Faculty Council after having been elected twice as Secretary/Treasurer. I have a wide range of experiences which at this moment in time I think would be very useful for the Chair. This experience includes serving as an administrator, teacher, scholar and active researcher with a broad understanding of Boston University’s faculty and culture.

My experience with the Faculty Council (FC) is substantial and ongoing. I have been a member of the FC for 9 years during which time I have variously served as a member, Co-Chair or Chair of the Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee, Equity and Inclusion Committee, and Administrative Policies Committee. During my tenure I have been involved in a number of issues germane to faculty including helping to streamline the approval process for new programs, defending the rights and prerogatives for faculty in discontinued programs, recommending policies related to domestic partners and most recently a policy related to consensual relations between faculty, staff and students. I have a track record of working effectively with faculty and the administration in my various roles on FC.

I also have an eclectic professional identity as an administrator, teacher, scholar and active researcher which reflects the diversity and dynamism of the faculty at Boston University. I am Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Graduate Medical Sciences at the Medical Campus and the Director of the Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program. I understand the challenges of faculty creating and nurturing programs of study over substantial periods of time with limited resources. I have a history of collaboration at the Charles River Campus (CRC), including at various points in time with faculty in the Schools of Education, Social Work, Sargent College and Theology so that I have a broad understanding of the complexities of this Institution across both CRC and Medical Campus. I have an abiding interest in social justice which is an important value for most BU faculty and my principal areas of my clinical and research interests include HIV prevention, interventions for people with serious mental disorders and gay/lesbian identity formation. I am currently Principal Investigator for an NIH-NIMH project “HIV, Severe Mental Illness and Homelessness” and the past Chair of the APA’s Council on Psychology and AIDS where I was active in gaining NIH-NIMH funding to mentor junior faculty in HIV/AIDS research. These are perilous times in an era of decreased research funding. I am acutely aware of the challenges faculty confront at this point in time and ready to work on these issues as Chair.

Boston University needs a Chair who understands the current challenges of faculty engaged in a wide variety of endeavors across the entire University. I would be honored to have your vote as Chair.

Thank You

Stephen Brady


Robert Volk, LAW
Associate Professor of Legal Writing
Director, Legal Writing and Appellate Advocacy Program

I have been a member of the law school faculty for over thirty years and a member of the Faculty Council for almost ten years. At the Law School, I am Director of the Writing and Appellate Advocacy Program and teach courses on Legal Writing, as well as courses considering legal issues affecting the LGBT community. As a member of Faculty Council, I have served as Chair of the Student Life Committee, the University Council Committee on Curriculum and Programs, and, most recently, the University Council Committee on Faculty Policies. I have also served on the Dean Search Committee for CGS. In the course of my involvement with Faculty Council, I have had the privilege of working with faculty members from all across the Charles River and Medical Campuses, and I have been consistently impressed with the dedication and the accomplishments of our faculty. For that reason, I am honored to have been nominated for the position of Vice-Chair of Faculty Council.

The Faculty Council plays an important role as the voice of the faculty. As Vice-Chair, I would do my best to insure that our voice is heard and to advocate for the interests of the faculty. In my view, the faculty is the University, and our input is crucial in determining the future course of Boston University.

The poll closed on Friday, May 17, 2013.