Elections: School and College Representatives

Guidelines for Elections

Under the Constitution of the Faculty Assembly/Faculty Council, Faculty Council representatives serve a term of two years, and may serve no more than two consecutive terms.  However, representatives can be elected as alternates, and alternates can be elected as representatives.

Your elected representatives and alternates must be current members of the Faculty Assembly.   Candidates must be able to attend Faculty Council meetings regularly, usually one Tuesday afternoon per month, starting in September 2018.  In addition, Faculty Council representatives sit on the University Council, which also meets once per month on a Tuesday, starting in September 2018.  Faculty in modified or unmodified professorial ranks, or senior or master lecturers may sit on University Council.

Click here to access the Governing Documents of the Faculty Council.

Click here to access the Membership list of current representatives and alternates.

What our office can do to help

1.  Email the Faculty Assembly members of your school or college.

2.  Set up an online poll for your election. (Our polling system is confidential. It only records whether someone voted; it does not keep a stored record of how they voted.)

What we need from  you

A Faculty Council member needs to be the “point person” to handle the election. You are not required to run your school or college election through our office, but  the election must be completed by May 31, 2018.  If you conduct elections at faculty meetings, or by some other means, notify the Faculty Council Director when the election is happening and when the results will be available.

If you want assistance from the Faculty Council office, your Faculty Council point person needs to do the following:

1.  Contact the Faculty Council Director to sketch out a time line for the election; remember to allow adequate time to set up the poll and to keep the poll open to permit your colleagues to vote.

2.  Write a statement to solicit nominations from colleagues to stand for election, which the Director will send to the Faculty Assembly members of your school or college.

3.  Collect the names of nominees.

4.  Send the names to the Faculty Council Director.

The Director will contact the nominees and solicit a written statement from them.  She will email the statements to the Faculty Assembly members of your school or college, and a link to the online poll will be included in the email.

When the poll closes, she will email the results to you and your colleagues.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

J. Robb Dixon
Chair, Faculty Council