The Paint Shop is responsible for interior and exterior painting in all Charles River Campus facilities. The process involves coordinating painting schedules around summer conferences, sporting events, and student breaks from classes. Because the highest volume of painting happens in a small window of summer break before students return to school, the Paint Shop also coordinates with a large number of outside contractors to meet ambitious project schedules.


In keeping with BU’s commitment to safety and sustainability, FMP has been using low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints according to LEED standards since the early 1990s. FMP started moving away from high VOC coatings to reduce any unfavorable impacts on the BU community and to embrace new environmentally friendly coating technologies. The paint meets MPI Green Performance Standards and the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Low-Emitting Materials criteria. BU is currently looking into no-VOC paints as VOC regulations continue to evolve.

To request painting services see Request Services, or, in an emergency, call the Operations & Services Center at 617-353-2105.