There are locksmiths on the Charles River Campus 16 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 5 days a week on the Medical Campus* to handle lock changes, emergency response, and to support safety issues and special projects. Our locksmiths respond to lock-out situations, broken keys, lost keys, requests for repairs, lost file cabinet keys, mailbox keys, stuck keys, etc.

The Lock Shop works closely with the Carpentry Shop and the Maintenance Shop to install locks and doorknobs on new doors, and to arrange seasonal lock changes, such as changing main access during school closings. They also work with departments and colleges to ensure all locks and keys work appropriately, and that there are only a specific number of keys issued for each area. Safety is a priority on campus, and the Lock Shop staff is dedicated to making University facilities a secure environment for living, studying, and working. You can help keep the Boston University community safe by using common sense. Do not allow access to unauthorized persons, prop open doors, or provide your keys to others.

*Please call the Control Center at 617-638-4144 if you are locked out on the Medical Campus when the Lock Shop is not open.