It’s never “lights out” for the electrical staff at Boston University. The next time you burn popcorn and the fire alarm goes off, or you need help with an outlet that won’t work, the electricians at Boston University will be there.

FM&P employs a staff of highly trained and licensed electricians who are responsible for electrical safety and emergency response on campus. They are OSHA trained, and attend yearly code update training to ensure our campus is in compliance with federal and state laws. They also play a vital role working with project managers to identify appropriate specifications for major building modifications or new construction. Fire alarm testing is performed on a quarterly basis in all dorms, and a recent bar coding system has been installed to make this a more efficient  process. Weekly fire alarm schedules are posted on our website.

In addition to covering emergency and safety issues, BU electricians respond daily to customer needs by changing ballasts, resetting circuits, checking outlet problems, and working with customers for any electrical needs for new equipment. They also change the bulbs on all the emergency blue phone units, as well as the “high lights” on campus. Next time you admire the atrium skylight in the Questrom School of Business building, remember that the electricians change the bulbs there by sliding out on a beam above the glass.

A major developing role of the electrical staff is working with the Energy administration and sustainability@BU to identify areas for retrofitting. Our electrical staff is essential for the ongoing cost-efficiency efforts on campus, and they are diligent in utilizing new technology to ensure our campus is up to date with new fire alarm systems and any electrical updates necessary for life safety.