Custodial Operations

Custodian cleaning the bathroom

Ever wondered who shovels the walkways, refills the toilet paper, replaces light bulbs, and mops the hallways? Custodial Operations provides daily cleaning services for nearly 300 buildings on the Charles River Campus. Led by 16 area managers and 6 assistant area managers, 400 custodians — the largest contingent of FMP employees — work around the clock to maintain common areas, set up events, and restock bathroom supplies. They clean the dorms by day and the classrooms and offices by night. Their efforts keep our classrooms, libraries, dorms, and offices clean, safe, and sanitary.

Custodians are often the first to respond to emergency requests and are involved in the final cleanup. They shovel off the walkways in winter, and operate the Zambonis at the Agganis and Walter Brown arenas. Custodial Operations also installed and maintains automatic hand sanitizers in every building to mitigate the spread of H1N1 and seasonal flu. The efforts of the custodial staff contribute greatly to our campus community’s health and well being.


With a strong commitment to sustainability, custodians turn off lights to reduce energy usage and help with the recycling program to reduce waste. Custodial Operations has purchased eco-friendly cleaning supplies for over a decade and custodians now use Boost scrubbing and floor stripping machines (pictured below) that are chemical-free and require minimal water. These new machines improve indoor air quality and allow floor stripping to be done any time of day without the need for personal safety precaution equipment.

Custodian using a Boost scrub machine

Custodians also use Command Centers for daily cleaning, which reduces the amount of cleaning solution required to clean from 55 gallons to 1 gallon, and has reduced plastic waste by 90 percent. Custodial Operations continually evaluates new technology in cleaning equipment and products to ensure that Boston University remains  a leader in greening the campus.