Facilities Management & Planning (FM&P) is a complex organization that takes great pride in our responsibility for Boston University’s physical environment. At one point or another, we have planned, built, repaired, maintained, cleaned, and shoveled snow from every one of the more than 300 buildings on the Charles River, Fenway, and Medical Campuses.

FM&P has over 750 employees reflecting a wide range of ages, nationalities, and expertise. They are carpenters and custodians, architects and administrators. They are locksmiths and landscapers, electricians and energy experts. From managers to masons, they are the backbone of physical space at Boston University, working together to create a safe, clean, and sustainable environment for the BU community.

FM&P is composed of four main departments: Planning & Design, Construction Services, Operations & Services, and Finance & Administration.

Planning & Design

Planning & Design is the starting point for all University building development and renovation projects. Their work ranges from developing strategies for campus growth to selecting the interior finishes of new and renovated buildings. Once a building plan and project scope has been determined, the Planning & Design group passes the project to Construction Services. Learn More

Construction Services

Construction Services manages the execution and construction of each building or renovation plan. They have their hands full each summer with renovation and building projects in preparation for returning students in the fall, and oversee major building projects throughout the year. Learn More

Operations & Services

Ongoing maintenance and repair of both new and existing buildings is managed by the skilled trades workers of Operations & Services. When things wear out, break down, or need updating, the trades go to work. They operate and maintain building systems including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electric, and plumbing and provide carpentry services. This group also maintains the structural components of the buildings such as walls, floors, and roofs. Daily cleaning and upkeep is handled by our Custodial Services team. You can find them at almost any hour of the day or night in every part of campus—from Danielsen Hall to the Track & Tennis Center on the Charles River Campus and all the way from the Medical Student Residence to 560 Harrison Avenue on the Medical Campus—working to keep the campus clean, attractive, sanitary, and safe for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Learn More

Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration at Facilities Management & Planning includes not just the usual budget and human resources responsibilities, but also the Sustainability and Energy offices and departmental technology like the internally developed CAMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management System) online database. Learn More