Facilities Management & Planning provides critical logistical and maintenance support for major events at Boston University. Commencement, for example, takes a year of planning and five months of hands-on preparation in partnership with Events & Conferences and every school and college to accommodate 25,000 attendees and dignitaries. Move-in, when students arrive in the fall, and Move-out, when hundreds of departing students’ rooms are prepared for the arriving summer students, are two more examples of  major events FM&P supports.

We also assist with a variety of departmental events, from meetings to receptions to retirement parties, throughout the year.

For assistance with small or internal events requiring minimal set-up:

  • Faculty and staff should visit our request services page.
  • Students should contact your RA or Student Activities.

For larger events requiring major set-ups, room rental, and/or catering:

For more information about major events supported by FM&P, please contact: