Energy cost and efficiency at Boston University are routinely assessed and evaluated by Facilities Management & Planning. The energy department is proactive, methodical, and disciplined in its approach to managing both energy pricing (Supply Side Management) and consumption (Demand Side Management) for the University.

Supply Side Management

The department develops and reviews its energy procurement strategies on a monthly basis with the objectives of mitigating market pricing volatility and assuring budget certainty. We manage energy suppliers and utility companies to ensure contract and service compliance, to capture the best available pricing, and to maximize incentives for energy efficient project development.

Demand Side Management

The department analyzes, recommends, and implements innovative and sustainable energy technologies based on environmental and economic considerations. We collaborate with building occupants, maintenance staff, project managers, professors, student organizations, and the Sustainability Committee’s Energy Conservation Working Group, to improve energy efficiency in our buildings without compromising the occupants’ comfort and operational requirements.

Major energy efficiency projects successfully completed in recent years are illustrated in the above interactive milestones. Click on the numbered blocks for additional details and project savings.

The University also participates in the ISO New England Demand Response Program to curtail its energy usage during critical times of peak demand, to help relieve strain on our electric grid.