The diversity of students at BU is mirrored by the diversity of buildings styles and types you can find along the 1.8 mile-long Charles River Campus. With 279 buildings that make up 11 million square feet, this vast urban campus blends seamlessly with the city.

At Boston University, the characteristics of a building go far beyond its architectural style. The University boasts a myriad of building types, from state-of-the-art research laboratories to the iconic, historic brownstones on Bay State Road. This wide array of buildings on the Charles River campus is constantly being maintained, repaired, preserved, and improved by Facilities Management & Planning. Buildings are approached holistically, taking into account functional requirements–be they academic, residential, administrative, or recreational–as well as environmental stewardship and the historical characteristics of the structure.

Building Maintenance

The campus is divided into 15 areas, each of which is assigned an Area Manager to ensure close oversight of operations and maintenance. These area managers are key points of contact for faculty and staff seeking routine services and event support. Area managers are supported by a staff of custodians and highly skilled trades workers who are experts in services like plumbing, carpentry, and HVAC. We inspect buildings annually to identify necessary improvements, and respond daily to routine and emergency requests for repairs.

Renovations and New Construction

Renovations to existing buildings, and the addition of new buildings to campus, are managed by our Planning & Design and Construction Services teams. Energy-efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable materials are an integral part of each project, along with building functionality, livability, and cost-effectiveness. To inquire about  renovations or new building projects:

  • Administrative departments should contact Planning & Design at 617-353-2895.
  • Academic departments should visit the Provost’s Academic Space Planning pages.

More on Building Management

For more information about FMP’s role in management of buildings on the Charles River Campus, please visit the links at left, especially: