We are responsible for handling snow and ice problems as they occur on campus. This includes snow plowing, shoveling, sanding, and salting of on-campus roads, alleyways, sidewalks, stairways, and parking lots. The City of Boston is responsible for city streets such as Bay State Road, Commonwealth Avenue, Albany Street, etc. We are not responsible for shoveling out personal vehicles in parking lots or rented parking spaces in a snow situation.

Every effort will be made during snow removal operations to keep areas free from snow and ice buildup; however, conditions can change dramatically depending on temperatures, the rate of snowfall, and wind conditions. Students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors should use care and caution on campus when such conditions are present. Use of public transportation during such times greatly helps in keeping parking lots free of vehicles and expediting the snow and ice removal process.

If specific snow or ice situations occur that seem to be dangerous and cannot wait for the normal removal or sanding process, the appropriate building manager should be contacted. If an extreme hazard exists, please contact the Facilities Operations & Services Center if you are on the Charles River Campus at 617-353-2105, or the Control Center at 617-638-4144 if you are on the Medical Campus.

We are not responsible for giving out information regarding class cancellations, University closings, or other storm-related information. Each year the University gives out a listing of radio stations and the on-campus phone number to call for such information. Calls should not be made to the Operations & Services Center or the Control Center, as it only interferes with the effort to handle the storm and other campus maintenance problems that occur. Custodians and trades workers are considered essential employees and must report as scheduled during emergency closings.