We are not responsible for telephone or data network (Ethernet) installations or maintenance services.


For questions or problems regarding telephones on the Boston University telephone system, including service, billing, repairs, and installations, please contact Telecommunications at 617-353-2097 or phone@bu.edu.

Data Network

For questions or problems related to the campus network, Internet access, or other computing services, please contact the IT Help Center at 617-353-4357 or ithelp@bu.edu.

Rental Tenants

Usually, tenants in rental property or rental apartments deal directly with an outside telephone or cable company for telephone and data services. If this is your situation, you will need to contact that company directly using the contact information provided in your monthly bill.

Emergency Call Boxes

The blue emergency telephone call boxes, located at strategic points throughout the campus, are also maintained by Telecommunications. Call them at 617-353-2097 to report problems with the phones. If the lightbulb on top of the box is not lit, call our Operations & Services Center at 617-353-2105.