Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) is responsible for matters related to daily cash, event, and permit parking and for the enforcement of policies associated with those spaces. PTS can be reached by calling 617-353-2160 or via email at

Rental Property Management is responsible for matters related to their tenant parking spaces and can be reached by calling 617-353-4101.

The Operations & Services Center should be called at 617-353-2105 to report after-hours parking facility concerns, such as malfunctioning garage doors, barrier gates, and other access control devices.

If you believe your vehicle has been towed:

Call the Boston Tow Line at 617-343-4629 to learn its location and retrieval information. Pat’s Tow Service is one of the most frequently used by the University and can be reached at 617-776-5810.

If you believe your vehicle was stolen:

You should IMMEDIATELY contact the Boston University Police at 617-353-2121 to report the crime.

The Boston University Police Department (BUPD) will respond to a situation involving vehicles parked in a manner that creates immediate public safety hazards. Such situations can be reported to the BUPD Dispatcher at 617-353-2121.

Important Phone Numbers

Boston University Police Department 617-353-2121
Parking & Transportation Services 617-353-2160
Rental Property Management 617-353-4101
Operations & Services Center 617-353-2105
Boston Tow Line 617-343-4629