BU Academy Art Room

1 University Rd.

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Chapman Construction/Design
Beacon Architectural Associates
1,061 sq ft

As an institution striving to educate talented students who are passionate about learning and exploring intellectual interests, the Boston University Academy must have facilities of
the highest quality. With the renovation of one of the classrooms on the third floor of the building, Beacon Architectural Associates has provided the Academy with a modern, redesigned art room which opened at the start of the 2012 school year.

The project was intended to consolidate the spaces already being used for the art program at the Academy, spanning two rooms which left materials and supplies unorganized. The renovation includes a smart board, a large counter for laying out work and materials with flat file space underneath, as well as a wide array of shelving and tack board with a tray for displaying art during class critiques and art shows.
Work on the project began and ended quickly during the summer, taking place during the month of July. Beacon Architectural Associates is pleased with the work completed for the Academy and hopes that the students make the most of the new space made available to them during the new school year.