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Putting it Together

Watch the setup, celebration, and breakdown of Boston University’s 142nd Commencement, held Sunday, May 17, on Nickerson Field. Time-lapse footage, provided by BU Productions, was recorded from the Nickerson press box from May 8 to 18. During that time, an image was saved every 10 seconds.

Architectural Icon Gets Makeover

Among the daily parade of students and faculty crossing campus in the shadow of the BU School of Law tower are some who wonder why the building, widely considered one of the less attractive on campus, is being so meticulously refurbished.

Fire and ice?

No, it’s BU’s snow melter at work near Nickerson Field. Thanks to the 110 inches of snow that fell in the city this year, the snow melter had to work around the clock.

Shout-out to Shovelers

The Islamic Society of BU offered an opportunity to thank the scores of Facilities personnel for hours (and days) of Juno cleanup. Sara Parvin-Nejad (CAS’15) (from left), Diana Abbas (CAS’18), and Amina Egal (CGS’15) staff the GSU table.