Admissions Reception Center – Construction Activity 2/4/13

We are now moving on into Part 2 of the Sewer Separation Project that will install new storm line drainage piping in the Alpert Mall between the School of Social Work and the Marsh Chapel.  This work will continue for the next several weeks.

As part of our renovation work for the new Admissions Reception Center at 233 Bay State Road, we will also be installing a new underground electrical transformer vault in the street in front of the building.  Our Contractor will be excavated a hole in the street over the weekend for the new vault. Beginning today, Monday 2/4, our Contractor will be installing the vault in the hole and completing all of the cable/wiring for the new electrical service to our new Admissions Reception Center building.  This work will be done in the evenings and overnight each day beginning at about 6pm until, at times, 6am the next morning in an effort to reduce the traffic and noise impact on all of the permit holders who will be using the CAS Parking Lot and working in the area during the days.  Appropriate police details will be provided for everyone’s safety.

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