New Balance Field Construction Activity for the Period of February 4 – February 9

**The contractor will be working on Saturday, 2/9/2013, beginning at 8:00am**

1. Site Work: Already underway and continuing for the next several weeks is site work, which includes excavators, and other earthmoving equipment. You can expected general construction noise from the equipment, and construction traffic in the form of dump trucks on the surrounding streets. Excavation and hauling of soils will continue and truck activity for the removal of the excavated soils will be coordinated and Police details will be present to help manage traffic flow.

2. Drilled Pile Installation – Continuing from last week’s start, a drill rig will be working within the site along Gardner Street drilling for the installation of piles. You can expect general construction noise from this operation from the drill rig and associated equipment.

3. Underground Site Utilities – Beginning last week and continuing for the next several weeks is the installation of underground utilities within the site. Underground utility construction activities will be performed concurrently with the site work, and consist of similar construction techniques such as excavators, dump trucks, etc.

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