New Balance Field Construction Activity for the Period of January 14 – January 18

Anticipated construction activities for the week of January 14 – January 18:

**The contractor will be working on Saturday, 1/12/2013, beginning at 8:00am**

1. Trucking of Demolition Debris and Soils: The contractor will continue hauling demolition debris off-site. They will also be excavating and hauling soils off-site. There will be high truck volume. Trucks will enter the site from Babcock Street and will leave by heading out Alcorn Street to Comm Ave. Police details will be present to facilitate traffic on Babcock and Gardner Streets and at the intersections of Babcock St/Comm Ave and Alcorn Street/Comm Ave. We expect trucking to last approximately 10 days. The contractor will also be trucking on Saturday, 1/12, beginning at 8:00am.

2. Concrete Work: The delivery of concrete materials to the site will continue. You can expect construction traffic in the form of deliveries of rebar, formwork, and concrete to continue throughout the week, and installation of cast in place concrete foundations is ongoing.

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