Admissions Reception Center – Intersession Construction Activity

1)     The CAS Parking Lot will be closed for vehicle access from Monday 12/24 through Monday 12/31.  Two construction crews will be working full-time in the lot to install the new sewer separation lines with equipment trucks, excavated earth, back-hoes, etc., to take advantage of the University closing to complete this work in the lot area with minimal impact on all of you.

2)     Please note that the accessible ramp entry to the back of the CAS building will remain open for use for those who want or need to access the building during the break.  The CAS Parking Lot will not be open to vehicles at all but pedestrian access will be maintained.

3)     I did speak with BU Parking Services and in addition to normal metered parking on Comm Ave and Bay State Road, there are a large number of ‘Green Permit’ parking spaces available on Back Street (between Bay State Rd and Storrow Drive) and in the alley behind the former Burger King site / lot on the corner of Comm Ave and Granby Street.  If you do park in this alley, do not park in any of the special private spots (with signs) behind 174 Bay State Road since they actively tow offenders.

We plan to complete this work quickly next week while most of you are away and hope you can accommodate this temporary parking restriction.  Thank you for your consideration!

For questions please send an email to

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