New Balance Field Construction Activity for the Period of October 29 – Nobember 2

The anticipated construction activities for the week of October 29 – November 2 are as follows.  Please note that some of the work listed below will be weather-dependent due to the potential storm.

    • Site Work: Already underway and continuing for the next several weeks is site work, which includes excavators, cranes and a pile driving rig.  Installation of the Pressure Injected Footings (PIFs) will continue.  You can expect general construction noise from the equipment, some potential ground vibration from installing the PIFs, and an increase in construction traffic (concrete trucks, dump trucks, etc…) on the surrounding streets.  Excavation of soils and subgrade prep is underway.  Hauling soils will continue and truck activity for the removal of the excavated soils will be coordinated and Police details will be present to help manage traffic flow.  Concrete footings will begin soon along Ashford Street, and the removal of underground storage tanks will begin.
    • Exterior Building Abatement: The blasting of the exterior walls will be ongoing for the next couple of weeks.  The crew will continue working on the East and South elevations.  As sections of the building are completed, the staging will be removed.  You can expect a high noise level during the blasting operation.  The hours of operation for the blasting will be 7:00am to approximately 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

    Due to the storm anticipated to arrive early next week, the contractor will be working on Saturday, 10/27/12, to remove the sheeting on the west and, potentially, northwest sides of the building.  Both of these areas have abatement completed.  Sheeting on the northeast side may also be taken down, depending on how much work is completed today.  Work will begin at 7:30am.  The only machinery that will be run will be a lift truck.  There will be minimal noise and should not impact any of the abutters to the site.

    • Also, the contractor will be obtaining clean air readings in the remaining areas of the containment where abatement is still ongoing.  This means that if any of the sheeting does blow off during any high winds, the air inside the sheeting is clean and there will be no contamination of the surrounding outside air. Interior Demolition: Select interior demolition and the decommissioning of the building elevators will occur concurrently with the blasting of the exterior.  There are no anticipated noise/traffic impacts with these activities.

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