Work on BU Beach June – August 2012

Underground oil tanks across campus are being removed as building heating systems are having their energy sources converted from oil to gas. Sewer and storm drain work will be happening on the BU Beach until August.


The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) and their contractor National Water Main Cleaning Company will be working on the BU beach this summer and will begin mobilizing in the north west corner closest to the Law School starting June 4th and ending August 29th, 2012. This operation is part of a Federal Court case that requires municipalities to separate sewer & storm drain lines, under the contract they will be removing 470 cubic yards of sediment from the outflow pipe that travels below Marsh Plaza and discharges into the Charles River. To mitigate noise, traffic and odor concerns, this operation will be performed Monday thru Friday, during the evening hours of 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM.


This operation will take up approximately half of the BU Beach, all areas of operation will be fenced off, this will NOT affect any part of Albert Mall.  Areas that are disturbed during the operation will be fully restored when complete.

Boston University Police details will be in the area to assist with any traffic or safety concerns.

The roadway will remain open during all hours of operation.

If there are any emergencies related to this project please contact the Emergency Desk at 617-353-2105.

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