Who are the students in these programs?

Currently, BU’s online programs are for matriculated online degree students only; on-campus students can not enroll in these programs. The University is exploring a blended course model which may be available for on campus students in the future.

How do students become aware of online courses and programs?

Online students typically become aware of BU’s online programs through the efforts of the University's marketing partners. These marketing partners work closely with the academic departments and ODE to carefully screen potential applicants in order to ensure the acceptance of high quality degree candidates. Online students are expected to meet specific academic requirements in order to be accepted into their chosen degree program. Once a student’s application is complete, it is forwarded to the academic department for acceptance review.

How does BU protect the privacy of its online students?

BU protects the rights of its online students through the requirements outlined in FERPA. Student data is kept confidential and only authorized instructors and staff have access to student information.

How have students who have graduated from these online programs evaluated their experience?

Since 2001, online programs at BU have graduated XX students. Feedback from these students on the value of their degree has been extremely positive. Many of these students would not have had the opportunity to obtain a degree from Boston University if not for the online degree program offerings.

Online Students Evaluation of BU

How does tuition for online programs compare with that for similar on campus programs?

Students in online degree programs pay the same tuition as the on campus students, and an additional $50 per credit technology fee each semester. Tuition is credited to the originating school, and the technology fee is credited to ODE for student and technical support. Financial aid is available to online graduate students as it is to on campus students. At this time, Boston University funded scholarships are not available to online students.

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