Lessons from Teo

What the ruins of pre-Aztec metropolis can teach us about today's cities

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Science under Our Feet

University researcher studies ecology, and climate consquences, of Boston's groundwater

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The Cocktail Party Problem

New study asks: are musicians better at understanding conversation in a crowd?

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Steve Grossberg's Long Walk Toward the Light

A psychologist’s lifelong search to understand the brain

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Seeing Space and Hearing Time

Scientists find new brain network that sheds light on attention and memory

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Dubious DNA

Crime labs need new tools to help interpret mixed and degraded DNA crime scene evidence. A team of BU forensic scientists is on the case.

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Suicide Risk in Veterans: A New Indicator?

Changes in SKA2 gene associated with brain cell loss, more severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

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Mapping the Body's Internet

Physics researcher Plamen Ivanov and team study the body's communications network

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A Rare Syndrome, a Brother’s Love

Language researcher probes rare genetic disorder

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Moving to Improve

Physical activity helps kids learn, but they aren't getting enough of it. BU is training a new generation of teachers to change that

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