The Addiction Puzzle

More than 100 BU researchers have been awarded over $130 million since 2006 to study addiction

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Ebenezer Scrooge: Made in Massachusetts?

BU research says Lowell millworkers helped inspire Dickens' Christmas classic

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Cooking Tips from the Ancient Maya

Clay balls were used to retain and distribute heat

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Gesture to Unlock

Your next security ID may be a defining gesture

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Nitrogen Menace

Robinson Fulweiler illuminates threat to costal ecosystems

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Balancing Act

Biologists forge harmony between progress and survival in Cambodia

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Sugar Fix

A diabetic child spurs a race for a bionic pancreas

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Medicine in the Cloud

Powerful computing is coming to your doctor’s office

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Seeking Our Origins in the Stars

Super telescopes peer inside a cloud where stars may be born

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The Bone Mender

A mechanical engineer works to help heal fractures, correct deformities

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