How Virtual Reality Might Help Fight Recurring Nightmares

Researchers say VR could have real long-term benefits for people, particularly children, gripped by scary dreams

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Making the World a Lot Quieter

Mechanical engineers have developed an “acoustic metamaterial” that can cancel 94 percent of sound

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How Binge-Watching Netflix Warps Your Worldview

Researchers find watching back-to-back episodes of violent shows can cause “mean world syndrome”

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Long before Pearl Harbor, Japan Tried to Get America on Its Side

BU researcher examines how Japan tried to influence American opinion in the years leading up to World War II

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Slingshot Surprise

How shooting rubber bands led to an unexpected discovery

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Growing Cartilage the Natural Way—in a Petri Dish

Bioinspired cartilage engineering could be a game changer for people with osteoarthritis

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Mindful Walking

A tai chi–inspired technique could help people with knee osteoarthritis walk more—without further damaging their joints

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What Is Secure Multiparty Computation?

Secure MPC allows us to collaboratively analyze data for the public good without revealing private information

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Rahul Desikan's Story of Love, Science, and Facing Down Death

This pioneering neuroscientist was attacking ALS. Then ALS attacked him.

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A Fascination With Disaster

The storied history of Arctic exploration isn’t over. Adriana Craciun is still asking questions.

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