Department of Self-Defense

When “stranger = danger,” RAD is the answer

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Mastering Fine Art

Two MFA students, Shari Mendlowitz and Esteban Longoria, talk about their work and life after graduation

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The Freedom of Photography

CFA class is more than point-and-shoot

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Measuring Calories on the iPhone

Trying to lose weight? There’s an app for that

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Practice Made Perfect

New technology transforms those little basement music rooms

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Finding My Way

Learn how BU programs and experiences help undergrads find their own path

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Cutting to the Business "Core"

SMG program puts students’ product plans to the test

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Find Yourself Abroad

Foreign adventures and expanding horizons from BU's top-rated international programs

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One Class, One Day

Drop in on a lecture in medical forensics or a poetry seminar on Robert Frost

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One Night, One Emergency Room

On the medical front lines, doctors expect the unexpected

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