Sculling Is Beautiful, Not Easy

BU Today reporter tries to master the mysteries of sculling

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Speaking Jazz

Poetry gets physical as Pinsky jams with musicians

video from BU Today

Kenneth W. Freeman Named Dean of SMG

CEO who led Quest Diagnostics to global leadership

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Benjamin E. Juarez New College of Fine Arts Dean

Conductor, producer, educator has worked internationally

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Seasoned Entrepreneur Takes Over at SHA

Christopher Muller: hospitality is vital to humanity

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Bamboo Bike Raises Eyebrows and Awareness

World’s largest grass is stronger than you think

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A Summer with Simply Ming

Interning on the WGBH cooking series Simply Ming

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Sex, Drugs, and How to Talk About Them

Peer Health Exchange: straight talk to high schoolers

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Department of Self-Defense

When “stranger = danger,” RAD is the answer

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Mastering Fine Art

Two MFA students, Shari Mendlowitz and Esteban Longoria, talk about their work and life after graduation

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