Tracing Our Roots

BU grad student Rose Abramoff digs deep into the carbon cycle

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Register for Alien Worlds

MOOC explores the techniques used to discover and characterize planets outside our solar system

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MOOC Probes a War You’ve Never Heard Of

Middle East course by BU’s Bacevich coincides with ISIS emergence. Register now on BUx.

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Robert Pinsky Teaches Poetry to the World

MOOC offers rigorous, lively look at creative process. Register now on BUx.

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Taking Flight

BU student team builds unmanned aerial vehicles

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Is the Golden Age of Journalism Just Ahead?

New York Times columnist and new BU professor David Carr dissects the future of media with Bloomberg’s Andrew Lack

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Lessons from Gator Country

Students on a herpetology mission in Florida

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How to Sell Anything, Starting with Your Talent

AdClub gives students real-world experience, clients an unbeatable price

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Register Now: Intro to Baseball Analytics on edX

BU's first MOOC delves into sabermetrics, data science, the R Language, and SQL

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Visiting Scholars

As Chinese students meet the challenges of a new language and new ways to learn, higher education finds new ways to welcome them

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