Eric Holder at Commencement

Attorney General: Today’s challenges spur tomorrow’s hope

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1970 Revisited

Class walks the walk, 40 years later

video from BU Today

A Year in the Life

Watch 365 days of campus life fly by in four minutes flat

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Job Makeover

New suit, old-fashioned manners: giving the best answers to the tough questions

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A Class with Class

Advice to graduating seniors, from the faculty and staff who'll miss them

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Department of Self-Defense

When “stranger = danger,” RAD is the answer

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Iron Chef BU

Buffalo chicken mac-and-cheese reigned supreme at the fourth annual BU Iron Chef competition

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Global Day of Service

Opportunities to reach out, and come together

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Measuring Calories on the iPhone

Trying to lose weight? There’s an app for that

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Finding My Way

Learn how BU programs and experiences help undergrads find their own path

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