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The Bone Mender

A mechanical engineer works to help heal fractures, correct deformities

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Cricket Gets Some Respect (Again)

A popular sport abroad climbs out of baseball’s shadow here

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Rewiring Life

BU is poised to become a synthetic biology powerhouse

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Skirting Scandal

The best-kept secret in crisis communication steps out of the shadows

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Presidential Lens

Pete Souza has been capturing Barack Obama since his days in the U.S. Senate

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"Vermin" of the Galaxy

Astronomer Andrew West analyzes red dwarf stars for clues about which solar systems might harbor life

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Veggies On Wheels

SPH’s innovative grocery truck delivers fresh produce to poor neighborhoods

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Difference Makers

Four socially conscious documentary filmmakers on making impactful movies

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Feast of the Seven Fishes

Top New York chef Ben Pollinger prepares dishes for the holiday

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People Powered

Meet the students, faculty, and researchers, who drive BU's engine in this year's Annual Report

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