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The Mighty Mucus of the Rowley River

A sticky polymer produced by tiny algae could be crucial in the fight to preserve the New England coastline

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Detecting the Perfect Solar Storm

Astronomers develop an early warning system in the event of a super solar flare striking earth

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Reading the Signs

The intersection of psychology, linguistics, and technology is an exciting place

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Throwing Punches

BU boxing instructor practices what he teaches

video from BU Today

A Legacy Begins

At Commencement, one student looks back, and ahead

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A Class with Class

Advice to graduating seniors, from the faculty and staff who'll miss them

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YouSpeak: Favorite Memories

What's your favorite memory from this year?

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Points of Departure

Graduating seniors on the BU journey

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The Edge of Glory

Soprano Michelle Johnson wins opera's toughest talent competition

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Musing on the Muse

Actress Julianne Moore talks art, storytelling, and inspiration

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