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Points of Departure: It's All About the Bond

Guillermo Antonini (SHA'13) and Tim Larew (COM'13)

video from BUniverse

Running Smart

A scholar-athlete leaves a fresh trail of sprinting records

video from BU Today

Medicine in the Cloud

Powerful computing is coming to your doctor’s office

video from Bostonia

Seeking Our Origins in the Stars

Super telescopes peer inside a cloud where stars may be born

video from BU Today

The Bone Mender

A mechanical engineer works to help heal fractures, correct deformities

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Cricket Gets Some Respect (Again)

A popular sport abroad climbs out of baseball’s shadow here

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Rewiring Life

BU is poised to become a synthetic biology powerhouse

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Skirting Scandal

The best-kept secret in crisis communication steps out of the shadows

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Presidential Lens

Pete Souza has been capturing Barack Obama since his days in the U.S. Senate

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"Vermin" of the Galaxy

Astronomer Andrew West analyzes red dwarf stars for clues about which solar systems might harbor life

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