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In Defense of Wide Hips

Just because you have a wide pelvis doesn’t mean you can’t be an efficient runner—and walker—biological anthropologist shows

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Building Brain Complexity

Unlocking neurons' secrets at the earliest stage of development

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Breaking Nicotine's Hold

An undergraduate aims to help smokers quit for good

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Catching Lung Cancer Early

New test may prevent invasive procedures and save lives

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Mapmaker / Matchmaker

Suchi Gopal and the power of maps

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206 Miles Per Hour

A backyard pastime for most Americans gets serious at BU

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The NAACP Is Not Done

And new president Cornell William Brooks sees no reason to think that it will be done anytime soon

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Beavers vs Humans

Mating habits may help explain the conflict

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Escape Hatch

Faced with outside threats, frog embryos can fast-forward their own birth

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The Powerlifter

Not just "strong for a girl"

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