Reframing Leadership in the Digital Age

Reframing Leadership in the Digital Age


Thriving in the fast-moving digital age involves the right mix of tools, innovation, co-creation, and relationship building. It requires the capability to lead change through dynamic experimentation and learning.

BU Questrom’s 2-day Reframing Leadership in the Digital Age course teaches you concepts that are instantly applicable—no matter your position or job title. You’ll develop a digital mindset that transcends cultures, industries, and organizations

Leadership in the digital age is earned through trust, not traditional authority. What you discover during these two days equips you to:

  • Lead beyond your department to provide innovative solutions
  • Build deep-trust relationships
  • Form and lead virtual teams, turning them into an advantage
  • Collaborate and co-create for the future with customers and stakeholders
  • Learning, adapting and implementing as you go—better and faster
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    MAY 21-22, 2019

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    Going Beyond Traditional Leadership

    Being a trailblazer now requires a new skillset. You’ll learn how to work across all types of boundaries, enabled by digital age tools. As you develop a personal development plan, you’ll pinpoint ways to bolster your own success.

    Long-Lasting Digital Impact

    Build the expertise you need to stand out today—and long into the future. Your in-demand knowledge and skills will help you fearlessly lead any organization through continuous change. Onsite dynamic learning mixed with self-paced pre-work and post-course coaching add immediate and lasting value to you and your organization.

    Learning From Digital Frontrunners

    The world-renowned faculty and industry leaders who transform how companies compete in the digital age are ready to share their insight and expertise with you. The community you gain during these two days will support your growth for years to come



      1. Leading Beyond the Edge. Digital Age tools enable you to lead beyond your unit, organization, and geography, to provide innovative solutions to customers and other stakeholders.

      2. Building Deep Trust Relationships. In the Digital Age, trust replaces formal authority as the basis for leadership.

      3. Forming and Leading Virtual Teams. By recognizing that the Digital Age relentlessly shrinks time and space, virtual teams – when properly formed and led – turn this compression into an advantage over traditional teams.

      4. Collaborating and Co-Creating the Future. Multi-organizational value networks, formed from a portfolio of relationships with customers and stakeholders, are replacing traditional, single-company-owned, linear value chains. This new business model requires leaders to adopt a “co-creation mindset.”

      5. Learning Dynamically. The only sustainable competitive advantage in the Digital Age is the capability to learn, adapt, implement, and learn as you go, faster and better than your competitors.


    Darrell Griffin

    Questrom Digital Fellow

    Darrell Griffin is CEO and President of PerformancEdge. A firm dedicated to developing impactful learning platforms for organizations. He has over 30 years of experience in adult organizational learning and transformational change. His focus is helping organizations build customer-centric capability to perform effectively with customers, colleagues, suppliesr and partners at the “edge” of their organization where value exchange happens. He has designed and delivered global learning and change interventions in such organizations as Bayer, Merck, Pharmacia, Schering-Plough and DSI. In addition, he has written and published articles about dynamic learning and organization change.

    Program Dates and Cost

    MAY 21-22, 2019


    Early Bird Tuition: 2,400 (Registration Deadline: May 10, 2019)
    Regular Tuition: $2,600 (Registration Deadline: May 21, 2019)

    Registration fee for the program includes tuition, course material, breakfast, and lunch. (Parking, hotel, and transportation are not included.)

    Corporate discount pricing is available for groups of five or more participants from the same organization. For more information, email:

    Boston: Where It Happens

    photo-questrom-signThe program is held at Questrom’s Executive Leadership Center, in Boston—a world-class center for innovation and technology. At Questrom, you’ll learn from our dedicated, world-renowned faculty who are recognized for translating research into practice.

    Boston is the world’s epicenter of education and a global capital of innovation and innovative thinking. Whatever your area of focus, Boston is fertile ground for growth because it’s the hub of nearly every key industry: technology, healthcare, finance and entrepreneurship, just to name a few. Plus, Boston is dense with corporations and successful business leaders you’ll want to learn from.

    The Executive Leadership Center puts you at the center of it all. Questrom is located on the MBTA Green Line, minutes from Kenmore Square, Fenway Park and the neighborhoods of Back Bay and Beacon Hill. The city with all its arts, culture, food, entertainment and sports is at your fingertips. There are plenty of dining options ranging from Asian cuisine to classic American just steps from BU.

    Program Partners
    The ELC partners with industry leaders to ensure that we fulfill our mission of bringing together business and academic best practices. This enables us to provide participants with immediately actionable tools and techniques to lead change for their organizations.

    Technology and Change

    with Early Bird Tuition

    "This course was spectacular and far exceeded my expectations (and they were high to begin with). Very well done! The best aspect of the program was the instructors. The best I have ever experienced."
    Senior Tech Leader
    Program Participant

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