Course Offerings by College

Evergreen Course Offerings by College

Evergreen students can audit classes at the discretion of the course instructor or department chair—in the following schools, colleges, and programs at Boston University:

Boston University is very happy to welcome Evergreen students to take advantage of a wide-variety of classes. However, there are some classes that are not open to auditing by Evergreen students. The following classes and/or Colleges/Schools are not open to Evergreen students.

  • ALL Online courses:

sample: MET CS 520 OL (note OL in the course code)

  • All Food & Wine seminars and courses
  • All creative writing courses
  • All non-credit certificate courses
  • All Film Production course
  • CPE Center for Professional Education
  • ENG College of Engineering
  • GMS Graduate Medical Sciences
  • KHC Kilachand Honors College
  • LAW School of Law
  • MED School of Medicine
  • PDP Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
  • SDM Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
  • The following courses:
    • COM FT 353: Production I
    • COM FT 402: Production II
    • COM FT 507: TV Production Hothouse
    • COM FT 522: Writing Television Situation Comedy Scripts
    • CAS AH 438: Seminar: Pompeii

PLEASE NOTE: Evergreen students may be required to pay additional costs when taking laboratory, music, art, etc., courses where extra fees are required for all students, regardless of status. Please check the course description to confirm if there is an additional fee.