How to Audit a Class

The Evergreen Program offers a unique opportunity to audit BU undergraduate and graduate classes. Engage with the student community, learn from world-class faculty, and contribute to the educational environment on campus. Your presence in the classroom enriches the learning experience for everyone—our younger students are exposed to the insight of experience, and you benefit from new perspectives.

General Information

  • Summer 2014 courses begin May 20
  • Eligibility to audit: 58 years of age or older and consent of instructor
  • Cost: $175 per course (free to Sponsors of Evergreen)
  • Office location—we’re across from the BU Bridge; please enter on the Essex Street side (facing downtown Boston):
    Boston University Fuller Building
    808 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 111
    Boston, MA 02215
    Phone: 617-353-9852

Getting Started

  1. Choose a Class

    With Internet Access:

    • Select course by visiting the Student Link
    • Search by category, instructor, location, or just browse all available courses

    Without Internet Access:

    • Come to our office and browse the class schedule print-out (for in-office use only)

    Note: We highly recommend that you have access to the Internet. For many BU courses, class assignments, syllabi, and other materials will only be available online.

  2. Register to Audit

    • To register to audit a class, you must complete an Evergreen Auditing Registration Form. This form is available on our website and at our office during the registration period:
      Summer 1:
      May 20–22, 27; 10 a.m.–3 p.m.
      Summer 2:
      June 30, July 1–3; 10 a.m.–3 p.m.
      The last day to add classes are: May 27 (Summer 1) and July 7 (Summer 2)
    • After the form is completed in full, attend the selected class(es) within the first two weeks of the semester to obtain the instructor’s signature for each class. This indicates permission to audit the class. The form must be signed by both you and each course instructor.
    • Bring the form to our office during registration period shown above. You will not be registered for a course until this procedure is complete.
  3. BU Website

    BU ID Card

    You will receive your BU ID card in the mail 1-2 weeks following registration. If you have registered for 12 or more credits (three or more classes), you must retrieve your BU ID card directly from the Terrier Card Office, 775 Commonwealth Ave Lower Level, 617-353-9966.

    BU Login Name/Password

    To set up a BU login name and Kerberos password, visit the IT Help Center at Mugar Memorial Library, 775 Commonwealth Avenue, 1st Floor.

    Blackboard Learn

    Once registered, your name will appear on a class list generated by the University Registrar and you will be automatically added to Blackboard Learn, the newest online learning management system at Boston University. For more information regarding access to Blackboard check IS&T’s documentation on Blackboard Learn for students.

    Class Schedules

    • To find course schedules, visit the Office of the Univeristy Registrar.
    • Click on “Registration and Classes”, then choose “Class Schedule”
    • Enter the semester, then the course #, for example, “CAS WS 114,” or browse by subject.
    • Click on “GO.” You will see a list of course numbers and times; click on the course number to have the description pop up.

    Changes to your Class Schedule (Adding/Dropping Classes)

    If you wish to change your schedule by adding or dropping a class you have registered for, you must do so by contacting the Evergreen Office only. To add or drop a course after your initial registration, you must print and complete an Add/Drop form or pick up a form at our office during the registration period.

    IT Help

    The IT Help Center will answer any questions you have concerning your BU Kerberos account or Blackboard course site. You can reach them by e-mail at or by phone at 353-HELP (4357).

    BU Directory

    You may search for faculty and departments names in the BU Directory. To reach the University operator, call 617-353-2000.

Evergreen Auditing Restrictions

Evergreen students can audit classes at the discretion of the course instructor or department chair—in the following schools, colleges, and programs at Boston University:

  • CAS College of Arts & Sciences
  • CFA College of Fine Arts
  • COM College of Communication (see Film Production exceptions below)
  • GRS Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
  • MET Metropolitan College
  • SAR College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (Sargent College)
  • SED School of Education
  • SHA School of Hospitality Administration
  • SPH School of Public Health (with permission of instructor)
  • SSW School of Social Work
  • STH School of Theology

The following schools and programs within Boston University do not accept auditors*:

  • CGS College of General Studies
  • CPE Center for Professional Education
  • ENG College of Engineering
  • GMS Graduate Medical Sciences
  • GSM Graduate School of Management
  • LAW School of Law
  • MED School of Medicine
  • PDP Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
  • SDM Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
  • SMG School of Management
  • Film Production courses COM FT 353, 402, 505 and 522
  • All creative writing courses
  • All non-credit certificate courses
  • All online courses

*The above restrictions are at the request of the schools or departments listed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.