Boston University only provides overnight accommodations to conferences or other organized groups seeking housing.

Approval Processsunshine-marsh-plaza

All requests for accommodations go through an extensive approval process to ensure that they comply with the core values and overall educational mission of Boston University.

Contract Package

A contract will be drawn up detailing the program dates, facility and deposit schedules, estimated attendance, and rates.

Estimated Cost Outline
We will provide a detailed, itemized list of all costs known at the time of issuance. Some costs may be determined at a later date.

Standard Terms and Conditions
Document detailing policies and procedures for using campus facilities.

NOTE: All groups must provide proof of insurance by submitting the appropriate insurance certificate naming Boston University as additionally insured in the amount of $1,000,000.00 for each occurrence.

Conference Housing Addendum
Document detailing Room List requirements and penalties for not meeting housing expectations.


All estimated fees must be made in full prior to arrival. The group organizer is responsible for collecting all money from guests and submitting payment to Boston University. We do not accept payment from individual guests, nor do we accept it at the Front Desk during check-in or check-out. A deposit schedule will be outlined in the contract.

Room List

Five business days prior to arrival, you must submit a Room List containing the names of all guests staying in overnight accommodations.