Event Planning Tip #5

Develop a Show Flow

• How is your event to be organized?
• Do you need an M.C.?
• What is the order of your participants?
• Have all the participants been informed of their exact roles in the event (speak for 5 minutes, be prepared for Q&A, cut the ribbon, etc)?
• If your program has multiple speakers, have you provided speaking points to each?
• Do you need to write a script to thread all the components of your event together?
• Does your event need to include any “photo opportunities” such as a ribbon-cutting or awards presentation? Have you identified where in the program these will occur and who will participate?
• Have you prepared a minute-by-minute timing for your event?  Have you reviewed it to see if there are areas that can be pared?  For instance, if there are 3 soloists in your event, are all needed?  Also, this minute-by-minute should be sent to all your program participants along with any other specific instructions so they can see where and how they fit into your program.
• If the President or Provost will have a role at your event, have you completed their Speaking Checklists?

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