Event Planning Tip #3

Plan a Budget

• Before arranging for travel, catering, printing, and other expenses, it is suggested to write an event budget that includes all anticipated expenditures.  Typical budget items include:

 Facility fees (including Facilities Management charges)
 Catering
 Equipment Rentals (tables/chairs/tents/etc.)
 Décor (linens/florals/props/etc.)
 Audio/Video Equipment
 Printing/Promotional Materials (including websites)
 Postage
 Travel and Transportation expenses (including parking charges)
 Entertainment
 Police
 BU Photography
 BU Productions (videography)

• Are you charging an attendance charge for your event?  Is this charge to defray costs, break even, or be a profit-maker/fundraiser?  Have you priced the tickets appropriate for your income objective?
• Will you attempt to solicit sponsors?  What are the benefits of sponsorship (name in a program book, promotional materials at the event, etc.)?

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